Help & FAQs


1. What is
Is a website dedicated exclusively to allow users from around the world to share their selfies. 

2. I signed up already but I can’t activate my account?
For  activating your account, you will need the activation code we sent by email when you signed up. If you can’t find the email we sent in your inbox, then please check the SPAM or JUNK folder because sometimes it goes there. 

3. I can’t find the activation email? Neither in junk nor spam folder? Where is it? 
If you can’t find the activation email we sent, then you must have made a mistake when you signed up by entering the wrong email address in which case you cannot receive the activation code because the email you entered doesn’t exist. Therefore is very important for you to check that you are signing up with the correct email address. 

4. Does the website organize selfie contests? 

Yes, the website does organize selfie contests. 

5. Which selfies will participate into the selfie contests?
Any selfie uploaded on our website will participate in the selfie contests.

6. Is there any fee to join the site?
NO. To join the website is absolutely FREE and will always be FREE. 

7. Is there any fee I need to pay to upload my selfies?
NO. Uploading your selfies is absolutely free of charge and will always be FREE.

8. How many selfies I can upload?
You can upload up to maximum of 10 selfies. 

9. I want to upload more than 10 selfies. Can I do that? 
Absolutely. However for doing that, you will need to upgrade your account to a package that will allow you to upload more than 10 selfies. 

10. Do I need to verify my account? 
Yes. We recommend all users to verify their account.

11. How do I claim my prize if I am a contest winner?
That is very easy. First, you need to make sure that you verified your account. Once you verified, you will be able to claim your prize by clicking the “Claim My Prize” button that will automatically appear on your winning selfie in your user dashboard. 

12. Will there be any fees deducted from my prize? 
NO. You will receive the full prize. We will pay all the associated transfer fees except if you need to pay a fee when you pick up your prize.  

13. Where will I receive my prize? How?
In the user dashboard, there is a tab called “Payment preferences” and if you click on that tab, you will have the choice to select which is your preferred payment method if you win the prize. Once you are the winner, and you have claimed your prize, we will be contacting you and will pay you out the prize through your preferred payment method.  

14. My selfie is not receiving votes, what should I do?   
There are many options available to increase the number of your votes, for example to invite your friends to vote your selfies, but the most popular solution is to share your selfies within the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and so on.

15. Why people can’t find my selfies?
You need to optimize your selfies by changing the default title and the selfie story same as adding the relevant tags / keywords to your selfies. 

16. How do I attract people to vote my selfie? 
You need to be creative. Your selfies must be unique, but the most important factor of all is to have a very unique and attractive title.

17. How can I become popular?
Any selfie can become viral if it has the right ingredients for being unique, creative, funny, and equally important like we mentioned above here, to have a unique selfie title, catchy selfie story and the tags of your selfie.

18. I want to change my selfies, can I do that? 
NO. Once you upload your selfies, you cannot exchange them with other selfies, but you have the choice to delete the selfies.

19. Can I delete my selfie?
YES. You can delete your selfie at anytime.

20. Can I REUSE my selfie spot after I deleted one of my selfies? 
NO. You cannot reuse the same spot after you deleted your selfie. 

21. How about the group selfies? Can i upload those?
Yes you can. As long as you are in the same selfie. Don't forget to ask permission from the people included in the group selfie that you plan to upload.

22. I have my own question which is not above here. What can i do?
We strive to listen to our users. This list will be updated frequently with your questions so if you have anything to ask, please feel free to send us your questions through the form bellow or through our Facebook Page. 

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